Provide service to Scouts and Coaches to identify players who are not been seen to get an opportunity to been seen and get coached. It’s unfair that visibility for players often depends on their social media presence, like blowups on Instagram or Twitter. With SparkMySport, you can move beyond these limitations. Our platform ensures that every athlete gets a fair chance to be seen, based purely on their skills and potential, not just their social media savvy.



Discover Hidden Talent with SparkMySport

At SparkMySport, our mission is to level the playing field for young athletes globally. Our platform is meticulously crafted to aid scouts and coaches in identifying and connecting with players who may not have received the recognition they deserve. By closing this gap, we ensure that every talented athlete has the chance to shine and be guided towards their full potential.

Our platform offers a suite of powerful tools, enabling you to:

  1. Experience a dynamic interface for real-time progress tracking.
  2. Access detailed analytics for informed decision-making.
  3. Receive updates on athletes’ performances during practices and games. This feature-rich platform keeps you updated on each athlete’s evolving skills and accomplishments, facilitating targeted coaching and smarter scouting decisions.

Whether you’re searching for the next superstar or committed to providing equal opportunities for all athletes, SparkMySport is your ally in revolutionizing sports scouting and coaching.

Join us in our mission to uncover hidden talent and nurture the growth of young athletes worldwide.

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Are you looking to boost your young student-athlete’s chances of getting noticed and recruited by top club or school? SparkMySport is here to open doors to new opportunities!

Our innovative platform is specifically designed to showcase young talents like your child to college scouts and professional coaches actively searching for the next star athlete. 

With SparkMySport, your athlete’s achievements, skills, and game stats are professionally displayed, ensuring they stand out in the competitive world of sports recruitment.

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Are you on the hunt for the next big talent in sports? SparkMySport is your premier tool for discovering and evaluating promising young athletes. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that allows you to easily access detailed profiles, performance statistics, and video highlights of student-athletes from around the world

With SparkMySport, you can streamline your scouting process, ensuring that you’re not just finding any athlete, but the right athlete who fits your team’s needs and future goals. Our intuitive interface allows you to filter, search, and track potential recruits efficiently, saving you time and enhancing your recruitment strategy.

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SparkMySport simplifies your life by giving players direct access to their performance metrics. This means less time explaining basics and more time crafting winning strategies. Our service is designed to streamline your coaching process and drive your team to victory.

Don’t just take our word for it—teams like Salesian, Oakland Tech, and Athenian have used SparkMySport to clinch CIF championships. 

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Our platform lets you compare your performance with peers, providing you with actionable insights to improve game by game. Use our unique event grading and patented rating system to benchmark yourself against the competition and continuously enhance your skills.

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